What do you see when you have to look at all broken pieces of YOU on the ground? You see the foundations of all that you are, laid bare when all of YOU came crashing down.

You have to admit that some of that foundation had many weaknesses, yet some of it will always remain strong. And of course you will look upon it all in despair as you see what once was - all gone.

What else do you see?
As you look at each broken, shattered piece you then will decide what you know needs to be removed and what you want to keep.

The demolition of YOU sometimes has to come Every part of what should not be there needs to have a wrecking ball pull it down, and what was held together needed to come undone.

What looks like a demolition Is actually a total renovation A building up of a better, more beautiful, and improved YOU.

And in time, if you let the rebuilding be done , what you will see is -The removal of Old Ruins and only what is beautifully Restored and completely made New.

"God is close to the broken hearted and saves those crushed in spirit" Psalm 34 v 18

Sometimes I have wondered why that is ? Maybe because when we are in that condition that is when HE can do in us, great, marvellous and miraculous things.

The hardest time in this DEMOLITION of YOU is not knowing what your LIFE is going to look like after the rebuilding is complete - when you can only see your LIFE in ruins.

But every now and then this God, who is closer to you than the air you breathe during this time, He will give you little glimpses of the amazing plans laid out for this New You and for a Restored Life.

by Kerrie Graaf

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